Your Workout Routine for Black Friday Shopping Online

15 November 2018Share this story

There are amazing Black Friday deals online but don’t you need to complete your workout for the day? Here are some nifty workouts to squeeze into your virtual shopping spree.

  1. The Hamstring Curl

    Hamstring Curl

    Stand next to a wall or chair and rest one hand on it for support, if needed. Lift your right foot toward your rear for a hamstring curl. Hold the contraction for 30 seconds. Repeat on the left side.

  2. Shadow Boxing

    Shadow Boxing

    Raise your fists up in a boxing position (make sure you’re away from your monitor) and punch forward in the air, as hard as if you are punching the punching bag. Alternate the punches right to left for another 30 seconds. Do 3 sets every hour or so.

  3. The Swivel

    The Swivel

    Who doesn’t love a swivel desk chair? It’s fun and also functional! Sit upright in your swivel chair, lifting your feet off the ground. Hold the desk lightly with fingers, but don’t let your hands or arms do the work! Instead, work those abs and your core to swivel the chair left, right and back again. Do 15 repetitions in three cycles.

  4. The Leaning Plank

    Leaning Plank

    Need a break after saving your items in your shopping cart? You can continue your workout anywhere else - you just need a wall! Step back about a foot from the wall and lean face first using your forearms for support. Hold this position as long as you can.

And there you have it! Exercise your way through shopping online this Black Friday!