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Curry Kapitan

Combining various classic flavours, this creamy, mildly zesty yet savoury recipe is fit for a great meal with friends and...

Chicken Curry Dalca

Serve this creamy Chicken Curry Dalca with rice for lunch or dinner, and get your loved ones to have a second serving and...

Tuna Tortilla Wrap

For those who are on-the-go or rushing between appointments, this Tuna Tortilla Wrap is certainly a nutritious and filling...

Fruits & Vegetable Yee Sang with Lemon Honey Sauce

This recipe serves as the perfect appetiser if you want to impress your guest or loved ones during Chinese New Year.

Tenggiri Fish Curry

Craving for a good curry? Try this creamy Tenggiri Fish Curry with bread or rice and share this zesty dish with your...

Lemon Lime Muffins

Fluffy and burst with citrus flavours, these Lemon Lime Muffins can be served with coffee or tea for breakfast or tea-time

Carbonara with Grilled Chicken

Easy and quick to prepare, this Carbonara with Grilled Chicken is ideal  for lunch or dinner, best paired with..

Chicken Kurma

This light, yet mildly spicy Chicken Kurma is ideally served for lunch or dinner, and pairs well with both rice and bread

Kari Ayam Dalca

Hidangkan Kari Ayam Dalca ini dengan nasi untuk makan tengah hari atau makan malam, dan orang tersayang anda pasti memerlukan...

Ayam Kurma

Kurma Ayam yang tidak terlalu pekat atau pedas ini sesuai disajikan untuk makan tengah hari atau makan malam. Enak dihidang...

Muffin Lemon Limau

Lembut dan kaya dengan rasa sitrus, mufin ini boleh dihidangkan dengan kopi atau teh untuk sarapan, minum petang atau...

Kari Ikan Tenggiri

Idamkan rasa kari yang enak? Cubalah Kari Ikan Tenggiri ini dan hidangkannya untuk santapan orang tersayang.

Tortilla Balut Tuna

Bagi mereka yang sentiasa sibuk atau bergegas menghadiri janji temu, Tuna Tortilla Wrap ini pastinya pilihan berkhasiat...

Chilled Cheese Cake

Expecting a special guest or tea-time gathering with friends? This Chilled Yogurt Cheese Cake is easy to prepare and perfect for...

Fish Curry

Tasty and simply finger-licking, this Fish Curry is an all-time favourite by many, making it the main attraction at dinner parties and luncheons.

Blissful Yogurt Lychee Jelly

This delicate and refreshing apple, watermelon and lychee Jelly will surely be an instant hit with kids and...

Prosperity Yee Sang

Usher in the prosperous and abundant Chinese New Year  with the colourful Yee Sang. This healthy and....

Golden Yogurt Cheese Chicken

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with this lip-smacking, juicy and simple Cheese Chicken dish that...

Appetizing Asparagus Stir Fried with Firm Tofu

A quick and easy flavoursome stir-fry.

Cajun Chicken Pasta Salad

So colourful and flavourful, this pasta salad makes a quick and easy lunch or dinner.

Classic Chinese Claypot Chicken Rice

A one pot wonder that is the perfect dish to serve at a gathering with friends or family.

Crispy Chicken Burritos

Easy to prepare, filling and tasty burritos the entire family is sure to love!






这款简单又鲜嫩多汁的奶酪鸡,让您欢聚新春, 乐享美味!

Crusty Sheperd's Pie

Loaded with bits of meat, this pie is sure to be a hit!

MAGGI Tom Yam Steamed Fish

A healthy Thai style steamed fish with bold flavours!

Tantalizing Tang Hoon Soup with Soft Crab Meat

Hot Properous Bowl of Happiness and Longevity.

Wrap Ayam Sambal Dengan Tzatziki Yogurt

“Wrap” yang sihat penuh kebaikan ini dilazatkan dengan sedikit rempah dan Yogurt Tzatziki – gabungan rasa yang menyempurnakan lagi keenakan daging panggang.

MAGGI Kari Goreng Minang Sheila Rusly

Pelajari resepi MAGGI Kari Goreng Minang daripada Sheila Rusly sendiri! Senang dibuat, enak dinikmati

Salmon Panggang dengan Salad

Gabungan ikan salmon yang dipanggan dengan salad pastinya menyajikan hidangan yang bukan sahaja sihat, malah mudah lagi lazat! Pastinya menceriakan hari anda.

Sayur Pecal Warisan

Kombinasi sayuran berkhasiat yang dinikmati bersama kuah kacang menjadikan sayur pecal antara hidangan tradisi yang menambat hati dan selera.

Renduck Ria Raya

Menu lebaran anda tahun ini pastinya lebih istimewa dengan resipi Rendang Itik Ria Raya ni. Enak dimakan bersama nasi panas dan ketupat.

Ayam Ros Raya Beryogurt

Menu lebaran anda tahun ini pastinya lebih istimewa dengan resipi tradisi Ayam Rose. Gantikan santan dengan yogurt untuk pilihan yang lebih sihat.

Nasi Arab Masyhur Bersama Ayam

Disempurnakan dengan pelbagai rempah ratus dan disajikan bersama ayam empuk yang enak, inilah hidangan yang akan membawa anda meneroka ke dunia yang berbeza.

Ikan Bakar Petai Mudah

Hidangan bakar yang memecah selera. Kalau makan, sikit pun tak tinggal sambalnya!

Sambal Terung Leleh

Empuk-empuk terung, enak-enak sambal. Sekali rasa memang tak menyesal!

Fruits & Yogurt Breakfast Parfait

Make your own beautiful Fruits & Yogurt Breakfast Parfait for a nutritious and delicious morning.

Savoury Muffins

Make ahead this delicious savoury breakfast Muffins for your busy mornings.

Berries Smoothie

This simple and refreshingly delicious Cranberry smoothie is perfect as a light breakfast!

Savoury Drop Scones

Also called fritters, they’re full of goodness and easy to whip up for breakfast or tea time.

Dragon Fruit Yogurt Shake

Easy to make, delicious and nutritious. This Dragon Fruit Yogurt Shake is a quick guilt free breakfast recipe the whole family will love!

Meaty Pulled Beef Sandwich

For a more balanced meal, serve these mouth-watering sandwiches with a side of coleslaw.

Penkek Yogurt NESTUM

Mulakan hari anda dengan hidangan penkek yang lazat ini!

Flat-Out Wrap Pizza

With a harmonious blend of ingredients, this pizza is a healthy and satisfying meal on a busy day.

Succulent Ayam Yoghurt Ala Percik

This recipe adds a little twist to this Kelantanese specialty but is sure to produce similar mouth-watering taste.


Get your day off to a great start with these yummy pancakes.

Herbal Chicken Soup with Brown Rice

Wanting the comfort and warmth of a good old hearty Chinese herbal chicken soup?

Beetroot Rice with Marmite Chicken

Wanna try another style of chicken rice? This rice infused with beetroot juice and Marmite chicken recipe would leave you wanting more!

Jeera Rice Set with Rose Lassi

A traditional Indian dish with a modern twist.

Basmati Rice With Methi Chicken & Bhindi Masala

Fragrant Basmati rice with Methi Chicken marinated with spices and Bhindi Masala on the side, served with freshly blended watermelon juice with hint of lemon.

Nasi Kerabu Ayam Kunyit & Mango Pandan Layered Jelly

This fresh and vibrant blue coloured nasi kerabu is best served together with mesmerizing secret sauce and juicy tender chicken thigh.

Vegelicious Friday Lunch Box With Mango Lassi

This scrumptious and healthy vegetarian meal is a perfect lunch box idea to pack for work or school!!

Nasi Ulam Ayam Percik

A heart-warming fragrant rice dish filled with aromatic herbs, served alongside our flavourful spice-infused ayam percik fresh from the oven.

Green Rice Burrito Bowl

A mouth-watering lunch set made up of fragrant green rice soaked in spinach broth; paired together with scrumptious roasted vegetables.

Milo French Toast

You got that right – it’s French Toast with a chocolaty Milo twist! Eggy, bready, chewy, crispy and now, yummier!

Spiced Dark Soy Sauce Beef

Savoury and refreshingly spiced beef is definitely one of the comfort dish that can be easily prepared in your own kitchen.

Spicy Thai Basil Kung Pao Chicken

When everyone’s hungry and you’ve got to feed them fast, just follow these simple recipe on how to make this ever popular Chinese dish.

Sweet & Sour Tiger Prawns with Pineapple

Creating a winning dish out of the contrasting flavours of fresh prawns and pineapples isn’t all that difficult. It’s all in the sauce!

Masala Bendi

Resipi kari bendi goreng kering masala ini sangat mudah dan sesuai dihidang panas dengan roti atau nasi!

Kari Kambing Beraroma

Hidangan kari kambing yang lazat dan beraroma ini pastinya menambat hati keluarga!

Nasi Yogurt

Sajian nasi yang sungguh lazat dan disukai keluarga. Tampilkan kelainan dalam hidangan anda dengan campuran yogurt.

Nasi Briyani

Hidangan nasi yang mudah, sungguh lazat, beraroma dan disukai keluarga.

Coffee Nut Crescents

Easy-to-make cookies with a hint of coffee! Your family & friends surely couldn't keep their hands off these treats!

Minty Mocha Ice

The perfect thirst quencher on a hot day - refreshing icy drink made with rich coffee, chocolate ice cream and mint extract!

NESTUM® Chapatti

Adding NESTUM® into chapatti dough may be an unconventional move, but it really adds another lovely layer of texture and taste.

NESTUM ® Murukku

Who can resist nibbling on these deliciously crunchy morsels, now made even more delicious with the addition of NESTUM®!

Xmas Yule Log

Brighten your festive table with this gorgeous edible Christmas centerpiece.


Bored of Brownies? Ring in the changes with these fabulous blondies and make them even more festive by decorating them into edible Christmas trees!

Egg & Cheese Muffins

Quick, easy, nutritious and great for breakfast or as a packed snack.

Udang Bersalut Bijiran Keemasan

Fiesta tekstur rangup dan keenakan udang yang membawa keceriaan

Mi Goreng Seafood

Kemanisan makanan laut dalam mi kering menyelerakan

Beras Pulut Dibalut Dengan Daun Teratai

Kegembiraan dan Kekayaan yang Terkumpul

Ayam Kampung 8 Herba

Keenakan hidangan ayam bersama lapan herba yang menyihatkan

Ikan Bawal Kukus Ong

Keenakan pelbagai rasa dalam satu hidangan yang sempurna

Nasi Dagang Dengan Kari Ikan Tongkol Dan Acar Jelateh

Nasinya lembut digandingkan pula dengan keenakan kuah kari ikan tongkol pekat dan masam manis acar jelatah yang pasti dapat menambat selera ramai!

Quick Kelantanese Net Crepe (Roti Jala)

The golden threads of Kelantan, the roti jala is best served with kuzi ayam, yet another Kelantanese favourite!

Fried Chicken Satay

Fluffy chicken infused with a combination of aromatic spices.

Dark Sauce Chicken

Chicken coated in a flavourful sauce sure to be finished until the last drop.

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