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Get your day off to a great start with these yummy pancakes.

NESTUM® Chocolate Lava Cake

The addition of NESTUM® significantly improves both the texture and taste of this highly-popular dessert – which you can now create it in your own kitchen!

NESTUM® Chapatti

Adding NESTUM® into chapatti dough may be an unconventional move, but it really adds another lovely layer of texture and taste.

Nasi Dagang Ikan Tongkol Curry And Acar Jelateh

Nasinya lembut digandingkan pula dengan keenakan kuah kari ikan tongkol pekat dan masam manis acar jelatah yang pasti dapat menambat selera ramai!

Quick Kelantanese Net Crepe (Roti Jala)

The golden threads of Kelantan, the roti jala is best served with kuzi ayam, yet another Kelantanese favourite!

Kapitan Chicken With NESTUM®

Step by step guide to cooking Kapitan Chicken with NESTUM®

Dark Sauce Chicken

Chicken coated in a flavourful sauce sure to be finished until the last drop.

NESTLÉ FITNESSE & NESTUM 3in1 Overnight Cereal

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and yet many complained about not having the time to prepare it. Why not try this recipe¬–because you can prepare it right before bed time and enjoy it as soon as you open your eyes!

NESTUM Toast with Fruits

Do you know what great days have in common? They all start with a nutritious breakfast. To help you conquer your days, here’s a quick and easy recipe to try!

Sambal Tumis Prawn

Hidangan sambal tumis udang di rumah #GerentiMenjadi dengan MAGGI® Pes Sambal Tumis BAHARU!

NESTUM Ayam Masak Merah

A healthy twist to the average Ayam Masak Merah, this NESTUM® -coated chicken dish can be paired with rice or naan for a complete meal.

NESTUM x KITKAT® Cheesecake

This soft and creamy cheesecake with crunchy KITKAT® pieces and NESTUM® layering is super easy to prepare. Top it with your favourite fruits and voila, it’s ready!

NESTUM Tauhu Begedil

Make your own Tauhu Begedil at home and give it a healthier touch by coating it with NESTUM®. Extra crunchy, extra yummy!

NESTUM x Maggi Butter Prawn

Hidangkan Udang Butter yang sangat juicy ini sebagai pembuka selera. Mudah, lazat, dan ekstra rangup!

Everyday® Sirap Bandung Cincau

Sirap Bandung kegemaran disediakan dengan susu NESTLÉ EVERYDAY®!

Kari Ayam dengan Nestlé Everyday®

Cooking doesn’t need to be complicated. Try this Chicken Curry recipe that is prepared with Nestlé Everyday® milk powder and enjoy it with your family!

Curd Rice India Dengan Susu EVERYDAY

Cuba masakan masyarakat India Selatan yang menggabungkan pelbagai rempah ratus dengan sayuran, yogurt, dan susu.

Kari Ayam Vegetarian Dengan Susu EVERYDAY

Teringin nak buat Kari Ayam Vegetarian di rumah? Kami ada resipi yang bakal memukau selera anda!


Here's a quick and light treat to cheer up your loved ones. EVERYDAY x NESCAFÉ Sponge Cake is perfect in every way!

EVERYDAY x MILO® Marble Cake

Can you bake a milky and chocolatey cake in less than an hour?Yes, if you choose this EVERYDAY x MILO® Marble Cake!

Milky EVERYDAY Burnt Cheesecake

A delightful and easy burnt cheesecake recipe to try at home with your loved ones.


Looking for a family dish for Deepavali? We have a new vegetarian Aloo Ghobi recipe for you to try!

EVERYDAY® & MAGGI® Chicken Biryani Rice

A family favourite dish, richen with NESTLÉ EVERYDAY® milk powder and MAGGI® Nasi Briyani Recipe Mixes and for your Deepavali celebrations!

NESTLÉ OMEGA PLUS Banana & Yoghurt Smoothie

Enjoy a refreshing banana smoothie with NESTLÉ OMEGA PLUS to get your daily dose of ActiCol®, a plant sterol proven effective to lower cholesterol!**Thomsen, et al. 2004

Creamy Curry Laksa

A soul-warming dish full of flavours infused with our Everyday Milk! It is creamy and definitely not disappointing.

NESTUM Cheesecake

NESTUM x GULA CAKERY | Creamy cheesecake paired with crunchy NESTUM® for a addition of multigrain goodness! Try it today!

NESTUM Mini Pavlova

NESTUM x GULA CAKERY | Bite-size NESTUM Pavlova with crisp and soft, light inside topped with whipped cream and fruits. Try this recipe now!

Everyday® Kurma Susu

Jus kurma susu padat berkhasiat disediakan dengan susu NESTLÉ EVERYDAY®!

Teh Masala Dengan Susu EVERYDAY

Minuman tradisi beraroma yang dihasilkan dengan gabungan ramuan yang unik.

Teh Masala Dengan Susu EVERYDAY

Minuman tradisi beraroma yang dihasilkan dengan gabungan ramuan yang unik.




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