Stay at Home Kitchen Survival Guide

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It is essential that you equip yourself with some handy tips on how to stay safe at home and be productive in managing your kitchen essential during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period.

  1. Prepare a shopping list


    It's always a good idea to shop with a grocery list. You don’t have to grab everything and anything! Firstly, check your kitchen and fridge, and list down the things you need before heading out for grocery orShop Online: Lazada | Shopee.

    Handy Tips: A shopping list does not only saves time and energy, but keep you organised, too!

  2. Stock up on dry goods


    Dry goods like rice, pasta, oats or noodles have long shelf lives, are easy to store, and can be used to make a variety of nutritious meals. Be sure to store them properly. Make tasty and balanced meal for your family with MAGGI noodles. Shop Online: Lazada | Shopee.

    Handy Tips: Keeping your rice in an airtight container in a cool dry place or the fridge place can help to maintain the quality and prevent weevils.

  3. Portion food in serving sizes


    Wash and freeze foods e.g. fish, poultry or meat in small portions to save defrosting time. Just place the required portion to the chill section of your fridge a couple of hours before you start cooking up a meal.

    Handy Tips: For vegetables, store them in airtight containers with a dry paper towel to absorb any remaining moisture. That way, you can keep the greens crisp and fresh.

  4. Prep is essential


    Versatile cooking base such as meat or vegetable broth, tomato paste & sambal base can be prepared ahead of time & stored in the freezer. You can also keep ready-made cooking pastes and, seasonings and sauces in stock. These come in handy for a quick meal, especially in between work-from-home conference calls.

    Handy Tips: Stock up on MAGGI seasoning and sauces for easy everyday cooking! Shop Online: Lazada | Shopee.

  5. Cook smart & Save Time


    If you cook regularly, making use of in kitchen aids & time-saving tools such as blender, food processor, pressure cooker cuts down preparation & cooking time. Whenever possible, choose models which are also easy to disassemble & clean.

    Handy Tips: Stock up on MAGGI seasoning and sauces for easy everyday cooking!Lazada | Shopee.

Run out of ideas on what to cook? Check out some of our recipes below! Sign up to Dear Nestlé for more inspirations at your fingertips!

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