Upping your coffee game

30 October 2018Share this story

  1. Make coffee ice cubes to ensure your iced coffee stays rich all way through

    Article Coffee Image 01

    Pour your coffee into ice cube tray and freeze it. Use it for your iced coffee or pour milk over it for a glass of iced latte.

  2. Kill bitter coffee with a pinch of salt

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    Really! It sounds odd, but sprinkling some salt into your coffee will reduce the bitterness.

  3. Add cinnamon to spice up your coffee

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    Forget the spoonful of sugar! Add a bit of cinnamon instead as a natural sweetener with zero calories and a unique kick to your coffee.

  4. Reuse your coffee ground as fertilizer or deodorizer

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    Don’t throw your coffee grounds! They work as a fertilizer that enriches the soil and prevents bad odor.