Make Time For Breakfast

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Breakfast plays an important role in supplying body with energy it needs after long hours of sleep and to stay energised throughout the day. Hence, it is worthwhile to make effort for a wholesome breakfast to kick start your day.

It is recommended that your morning meal should provide around 20-25% of your daily energy. It should also contribute significantly to your daily nutrient intake, including carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, protein and dietary fibre.

Importance of healthy breakfast

health Help to stay focused and alert
health Increase intake of micronutrients
health Provide satiety and less chances of unhealthy snacking
health Maintenance of healthy weight

Breakfast ideas if you only have

5 minutes
health Wholegrain cereals with milk and fruits
banana Wholegrain granola and fruit with yogurt
15-30 minutes
>30 minutes



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