The Full Cream Difference

28 July 2021Share this story

The Full Cream Difference

Out at the supermarket, you’ll probably notice a variety of dairy products on the shelves. There are full cream milks such as Nespray Full Cream, skimmed, low-fat, or regular milk. What are the differences? And how does full cream milk benefit your child and family?

The main difference between these milks is in the number of calories and fat content. Full cream milk has a higher fat content of around 3.25% total fats, resulting in a higher calorie count of 150 kcal per serving. Low-fat milk has less than 1% total fat content and lower calories of about 102 kcal per serving. Meanwhile, skimmed milk only has a total fat content of less than 0.5%, and the number of calories per serving is around 83 kcal.

Regardless of the fat and calorie content of these different types of milk, they can be part of a healthy & balanced diet. In fact, the Malaysian Dietary Guidelines recommend consumption of 2 servings of milk & milk products daily. And for younger children, it’s important to provide sufficient energy to meet their needs for their daily learning & growth.

So, you don't have to worry about giving milk to your children and family as long as you keep an eye on overall calorie and fat intake throughout the day and consume milk at the recommended amounts.

The goodness of a glass of Nespray Full Cream

Nespray Full Cream milk contains all the milky goodness of a cup of milk with added vitamins and minerals to meet your child’s daily nutrient needs. :

1. High in Protein

Protein is indispensable for many vital functions in children, including physical growth, brain development, and good immune function. Protein is a source of amino acids which acts as a building block for almost all the cells in our body. Providing adequate protein will help children grow and develop healthily, allowing them to stay active and have a good immune system.

2. High in Calcium, Iron, Vitamin C and Vitamin D

Nespray Full Cream milk is high in Calcium, Iron, Vitamin C and Vitamin D. Calcium and Vitamin D promote healthy physical growth and bone development whereas Iron and Vitamin C help support a strong immune system.

3. Source of Nutrition for School-going Children

Nespray Full Cream milk contains a total of 15 vitamins and minerals, providing your child the micronutrients needed for their daily activity. This includes Folic acid and Vitamin B to help your child’s body form red blood cells to transport oxygen throughout the body, and get the nutrients needed for good physical development & brain function to support their daily learning.

4. Zero Sucrose

Nespray Full Cream milk contains NO added sugar (ZERO sucrose).

Milk is a nutritious drink that is suitable for the entire family. The important thing to remember when shopping for milk is to consider the nutritional content and make sure you choose one that contains less added sugar, adequate protein and added micronutrients, such as Nespray Full Cream milk.