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Penkek Yogurt NESTUM

Mulakan hari anda dengan hidangan penkek yang lazat ini!


Get your day off to a great start with these yummy pancakes.

NESTUM® Chocolate Lava Cake

The addition of NESTUM® significantly improves both the texture and taste of this highly-popular dessert – which you can now create it in your own kitchen!

NESTUM® Chapatti

Adding NESTUM® into chapatti dough may be an unconventional move, but it really adds another lovely layer of texture and taste.

NESTUM ® Murukku

Who can resist nibbling on these deliciously crunchy morsels, now made even more delicious with the addition of NESTUM®!

Nestlé NESTUM® Xmas Yule Log

Brighten your festive table with this gorgeous edible Christmas centerpiece.

Nestlé NESTUM® Blondies

Bored of Brownies? Ring in the changes with these fabulous blondies and make them even more festive by decorating them into edible Christmas trees!

Kapitan Chicken With NESTUM®

Step by step guide to cooking Kapitan Chicken with NESTUM®

NESTLÉ FITNESSE & NESTUM 3in1 Overnight Cereal

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and yet many complained about not having the time to prepare it. Why not try this recipe¬–because you can prepare it right before bed time and enjoy it as soon as you open your eyes!

NESTUM Toast with Fruits

Do you know what great days have in common? They all start with a nutritious breakfast. To help you conquer your days, here’s a quick and easy recipe to try!

NESTUM Golden Prosperity Yee Sang

Usher in the new year with NESTUM Golden Prosperity Yee Sang!

NESTUM Auspicious Nian Gao

Scoop up good fortune this Chinese New Year with our NESTUM Auspicious Nian Gao! It’s bound to be a crowd favourite!

Nestlé NESTUM® Bubur Lambuk

A wholesome one-pot meal, made all the more nutritious and creamy with the addition of NESTUM® All Family Cereal Original.

Cucur Udang NESTUM

Hidangan petang yang ringkas tetapi lazat ini memang sedap dimakan dengan sos cili.

Biskut Semperit NESTUM

Semperit moden – biskut tradisional kegemaran ramai yang diberi wajah baru tetapi masih mengekalkan keindahan warisan.


Step by step guide to making Nestum Beef Balls

Pai Epal NESTUM®

Cipta semula & kongsi resipi versi kreatif anda dan hashtag #SnekMacamPro dan #DearNestle untuk peluang memenangi wang tunai berjumlah RM 280,000*!

NESTUM Ayam Masak Merah

A healthy twist to the average Ayam Masak Merah, this NESTUM® -coated chicken dish can be paired with rice or naan for a complete meal.

NESTUM x KITKAT® Cheesecake

This soft and creamy cheesecake with crunchy KITKAT® pieces and NESTUM® layering is super easy to prepare. Top it with your favourite fruits and voila, it’s ready!

NESTUM Onde Onde Cookies

Satisfy your family’s appetite with NESTUM® Onde Onde Cookies and don’t be surprised if they love this coconut-topped crunchy cookie!

NESTUM Tauhu Begedil

Make your own Tauhu Begedil at home and give it a healthier touch by coating it with NESTUM®. Extra crunchy, extra yummy!

NESTUM Honey Dates Streusel Muffins

Delicious and moist muffins that are perfect for any occasion.

NESTUM Date Bars

Step by step guide to baking NESTUM Date Bars.

NESTUM x Nestlé GOLD Cornflakes Golden Muffin

Whether it’s Raya or weekly family gathering, these golden muffins are surely the highlight of every dessert table!

NESTUM x Nestlé® GOLD™ Cornflakes Popia

Complete your Raya cookies selection with crunchy NESTUM® Cornflakes Popia. You can fill up to 2 jars in just under half an hour!

NESTUM x Maggi Udang Butter

Hidangkan Udang Butter yang sangat juicy ini sebagai pembuka selera. Mudah, lazat, dan ekstra rangup!

NESTUM Lempeng Bersama Sambal Tumis

Sarapan pagi atau minum petang dengan Lempeng NESTUM® yang berkhasiat ini. Ia juga sesuai dipadankan dengan MAGGI® sambal tumis yang gerenti digemari semua.


Take your Butter Cookies to a whole new level and pair it with a smooth Ganache made with KITKAT®!

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