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Nespray Brand Story

Nuture their fullest potentialNuture their fullest potential
The only full creamThe only full cream
Discover the Goodness of NesprayDiscover the Goodness of Nespray

School years are the fundamental building blocks to a child’s future. There’s so much for them to discover and learn during these years that will prepare them for their own path in life.

That’s why they need NESPRAY Full Cream. The only Full Cream milk in Malaysia packed with 15 vitamins & minerals, it is specifically designed for school age kids to help support their physical, mental and social development.

Not only is NESPRAY Full Cream a good source of protein with 0g sucrose, it also offers a creamy and delicious taste that kids will surely enjoy.

So moms, you can be rest assured that your child is getting the best with your love and our nutrition.

The 15 Essential Vitamins & MineralsThe 15 Essential Vitamins & Minerals

Nutrition tips for your school-aged child

Nestlé Nespray

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