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Plan a nutrient-rich diet with NESTUM®

Plan a nutrient-rich diet with NESTUM®


Multi-grains make your body happy.

Multi-grains are an important part of a healthy diet. Every type of grain provides unique nutrients and essential minerals that are necessary for your family’s physical functions. All you need is one nutrient-packed bowl to help their bodies grow stronger and happier.     

Don’t forget the whole grains.

But, for a truly complete and balanced diet, you need whole grains too. They are rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre, which help us feel full a lot longer and facilitate digestion. In fact, Malaysian Dietary Guidelines 2010 recommends making half of the grains we consume every day from whole grains.

Your best source for both.

Nestle® NESTUM® is an Aromalicious™ recipe of nutrient-rich multi-grains and whole grains that lets your family enjoy the best of both worlds. Made from wholemeal wheat, corn and rice, these three essential ingredients are a great source of vitamin A, protein and carbohydrates. Multi-grains provide nutrients like carbohydrates to keep your child going, iron to help in the formation of red blood cells, and protein to support your child’s growth and development.

Always read the food labels.

Finding the best multi-grain products for your family can be tricky. Even if food labels advertise “seven-grain” or “multi grain”, they might not necessarily contain whole grains. So, always check the ingredients listing on the pack closely to make sure your family will reap all the benefits of a multi-grain diet.

This one is for the picky eaters.

Working multi-grains into kid-friendly meals is easier than you think. Sneak nutrient-rich cereals like NESTUM® into their diet through a variety of recipes the entire family will enjoy. Here are a few fun breakfast treats you can try at home: 

• Warm, hearty porridges
Mix NESTUM® multi-grain cereals with milk, dried fruit and grounded nuts to make a yummy porridge.

• Healthy fruit smoothies
Blend together milk, yogurt, fresh fruits and NESTUM® multi-grain cereals.

• Homemade fish or chicken nuggets
Substitute breadcrumbs in your child’s nuggets with NESTUM® multi-grain cereals.

• Heart-warming beverages
Add NESTUM® multi-grain cereals into hot beverages to boost nutrients and fibre.

• Crunchy potato cutlets
Mix NESTUM® multi-grain cereals with mashed potatoes and minced meat.

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