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Kickstart your kid’s day with KOKO KRUNCH®

Kickstart your kid’s day with KOKO KRUNCH®


Ready, set, breakfast!

Did you know that breakfast is an essential part of your child’s day? Children who eat breakfast have a higher chance of meeting their requirements for essential nutrients, helping them become more energetic and physically active. This means, they’re more likely to stay focused in class, and have better problem-solving skills than those who skip breakfast.

A yummy breakfast for kids.

NESTLÉ KOKO KRUNCH® is more than a delicious cereal with a chocolate taste that children love. It contains 8g of whole grains in every serving.* Whole grains provide children with more nutrients than food like white bread and white rice. Not only that, each serving contains only 8.9g of sugar. That’s 55% less sugar than an apple!*

Is your kid a fickle-eater? No worries.

NESTLÉ has many healthy options for your child to choose from. Made with the goodness of whole grains, all our breakfast cereals contain less than 9g of total sugars and not more than 135g of sodium in each serving. Together with calcium, you can help your child reach their optimum growth while maintaining a better weight.
So, the next time your child feels like skipping breakfast, grab a taste of goodness with KOKO KRUNCH®. It’s these little changes to their diet that will help them perform better in the long run. 

*Based on 1 serving of each food item. NESTLÉ KOKO KRUNCH® is based on 30g per serving.


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