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Discover the amazing benefits of NESCAFÉ®

Discover the amazing benefits of NESCAFÉ®


The health benefits of coffee have often been a hot topic. Coffee-lovers tout its natural anti-oxidant qualities and brain-boosting abilities, while the caffeine-conscious detail the downsides, such as insomnia, indigestion and an increased heart rate. We want to clear up the truths and myths about coffee, so you can enjoy its real benefits, as proven by science. 

The Truth About Coffee

1. Coffee helps you to stay awake.
Caffeine can mildly stimulate the body and mind, helping you to perk up throughout the day.

2. It’s OK to drink more than one cup of coffee.
Consuming 300mg of caffeine per day is actually a moderate amount. That’s about 5 cups of soluble coffee or 3-4 cups of brewed coffee.1

3. More coffee means more caffeine.
NESCAFÉ® soluble coffee contains 70mg of caffeine in every 180ml cup. So, the more coffee you add into your cup, the more caffeine you will consume.

4. Coffee provides energy without the calories.
One cup of NESCAFÉ® Classic contains only 6kcal in one regular cup of coffee without sugar and milk.

The Myths About Coffee

1. Coffee is acidic.
The acidity of coffee refers to the flavour note, rather than actual acid content. Regular coffee has an average pH of 5.0 to 5.1.2

2. Coffee causes dehydration.
Studies show that drinking up to 5 cups of coffee does not cause dehydration.3

3. Coffee interferes with calcium absorption.
Coffee has no negative effect on bone health, but a calcium-rich diet will support strong and healthy bones.4

4. Coffee affects concentration.
Coffee actually helps to restore and maintain alertness, improving your overall attentiveness.5

Now that you can safely enjoy your coffee, which beans would you prefer – Arabica or Robusta? Grown at higher altitudes, Arabica comes with a sweet, refined aroma. Robusta on the other hand is grown on lower altitudes and comes with a full, earthy aroma. Try both with NESCAFÉ® and let us know your favourite taste of goodness in the comments below.

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