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22 December - 31 December 2022

Nestlé Item Menu Rahsia can now be enjoyed at restaurants near you! Once you’ve tried it, it’s sure to create a memorable experience. Get a list of selected restaurants and make your plans today.

Nestlé Professional Item Menu Rahsia

What is the secret behind the Menu Rahsia items? This menu is provided to add more uniqueness to specialty items, so you can enjoy a different dish every time.

Imagine a glass of iced MILO sprinkled with heaps of MILO powder on top, or a plate of fried MAGGI noodles with melted cheese on it. Doesn’t it make you drool by just imagining it?

The creation of these dishes in the menu is the result of those who always order it, until it became word of mouth. That’s the reason why Nestlé Professional launched the “Item Menu Rahsia”, so people can try these Great Dishes...and Enjoy Its Deliciousness!

If you must give it a try, buy or place an order at our selected restaurants today.

Click here to view the selected shops/restaurants!

1. Pictures used are for illustration purposes only.
2. Nestlé Professional encourages consumers to enjoy our products and drink responsibly.


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