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NESTUM®: Aromalicious™ Nutrient-Rich Multi-Grains
NESTLÉ NESTUM® was first introduced to Malaysians in the 1960’s providing nutritious hot cereal solutions. NESTUM® is very much a part of the Nestlé legacy in bringing healthy and nutritious food to the table. 
NESTUM® multi-grains or multi-bijirin is made of nutrient-rich grains consisting of whole wheat, rice and corn with vitamin B1 and iron recommended for growth in an active kids. NESTUM® multi-grains are known as AROMALICIOUS® as it is the only multi-grains in the Malaysian market with aromatic nutrient-rich golden flakes that is delicious and not bland in taste. 
NESTUM® multi-grains can be consumed as a beverage or porridge and even more delicious with fruits, nuts and milk. 

NESTUM® All Family Multi-Grains for families and children aged 3-5 years old is available in retail outlets in 500g soft pack, 250g soft pack and 450g tin form. 

NESTUM® Mixes for adults is available in sachet packs are available in retail outlets: Original 28g and Oats 30g (15 and 8 sachet packs) while Honey and Chocolate is available only in 28g 15 sachet packs. 

For more information on NESTUM® check us out at our FACEBOOK page NESTUM MALAYSIA or 

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