Take Charge of Your Heart

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Firstly, you need to manage your cholesterol levels. Have you been monitoring it? Check this out to understand more here.

To manage your cholesterol within a healthy range, start with living a healthy lifestyle. What is a healthy lifestyle? Below are examples of habits that can lead to better health. Practice one at a time and eventually, you'll get there!

icon 1Be physically active
icon 2Quit smoking
icon 3Go easy on salt, sugar, and alcohol
icon 4Reduce intake of unhealthy fats(e.g. saturated fat & trans fat) from fatty cuts of meat, poultry with skin, whole milk dairy products, ghee, butter, and baked products
icon 5Consume healthier fats (e.g. monounsaturated & polyunsaturated fats) from vegetables oils, nuts, seeds, and fish
icon 6Load up on soluble fibre from sources such as oats, sweet potatoes, beans, and legumes
icon 7Chose healthier cooking methods, such as steaming, baking, or grilling instead of deep frying

In addition to a healthy lifestyle, consuming products with plant sterol also helps in managing cholesterol level.

factOccurs naturally in plants (nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables)
factHas similar structure to cholesterol
factPlant Sterol in Nestlé Omega Plus is proven to help lower cholesterol
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Remember that plant sterol should not replace prescribed cholesterol-lowering medication, but can be used in addition to these medications.

Refer to your health care professional for more information.


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