5 Ways To Prepare Healthier & Delicious Raya Treats

10 May 2021Share this story

Hari Raya is around the corner, but what about your preparation? No Raya is complete without traditional cakes, desserts, and festive biscuits.

Nonetheless, while trying out new and old recipes, don’t forget to opt for healthier cooking methods and ingredients. Check out the following tips for a tasty and nutritious Raya snack. These tips are also approved by our Nutritionists!

  • Tip 1: The less, the better!

    Most cake and biscuit recipes, whether modern or traditional, include sugar as one of the main ingredients. Try replacing sugar with healthier alternatives, such as dates, prunes, or raisins that give a natural sweetness. Take for example, this crunchy NESTLÉ® Cornflakes Coconut Pineapple Bar recipe.


  • Tip 2: The choice is in your hands!

    Most traditional recipes, such as chips or kerepek, rempeyek, and crispy popia knots are prepared by frying. However, you can try other healthier preparation methods, such as baking in an oven or using an air fryer. This Original Crispy Popia NESTUM® recipe, for example, only needs to be baked in the oven for 15 minutes.

    popia rangup


  • Tip 3: Keep it natural and creative!

    Among the appeals of kuih raya include its appearance. Lidah Kucing Pelangi Biscuit, for example, combines a variety of colours and flavours. Try natural colours and flavours like the red colour from dragon fruit and the corn flavour from boiled corn. Why not try this KITKAT® Pandan Cake recipe? It tastes great and the green colour is from pandan leaves.

  • Tip 4: Fibre, fibre, and fibre!

    Replace or mix regular wheat flour with whole wheat flour for higher fibre content and nutrients.


  • Tip 5: Beauty with benefits!

    Add nutrients to Raya biscuits with slices or pieces of dried fruits, such as dates and prunes, or nuts, such as cashews and almonds, which are healthier than chocolate rice or ‘hundreds and thousands’. Try NESTLÉ® Cornflakes Tomato and Herbal Biscuit recipe

    ; it combines dried tomatoes and various types of herbs as garnishes.tomato