Keeping It Healthy This Chinese New Year

31 January 2019Share this story

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Malaysians love holidays and festivities, and of course, the festive delicacies as well. While some choose to stick to the multigenerational recipes, it certainly pays to practise healthy cooking to save you and your loved ones from all the extra calories and overeating. Check out these 4 cooking tips to help you prepare a scrumptious (and nutritious!) menu this Chinese New Year

4 Tips for Healthy Cooking

  1. Eat Your Veggies

    Make sure to serve a variety of vegetables during meal times. Apart from being rich in vitamins and minerals, they are also naturally low in fat and calories.

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  2. White Is Always Better Than Red

    Replace red meat and processed meat with white meat as the latter contains less fat and cholesterol. So give the beef and lamb a pass and opt for poultry (without skin) and fish instead.

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  3. Method Matters

    Try healthier cooking methods like steaming, braising, and grilling as they retain a greater amount of nutrients. Plus, they are healthier compared to deep frying and shallow frying.

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  4. Healthy Alternatives

    Be creative in looking for replacements for your usual ingredients. For instance, opt for herbs or spices instead of salt, honey to replace sugar, or milk instead of coconut milk.

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