Make a Healthier Version of Your Favourite Open House Dishes

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Can’t wait to savour all the delicious Raya dishes, but worried over your self-control? Take a different, yet healthier approach to prepare your Raya dishes this year to save yourself and your loved ones from all the extra calories! Check out these simple hacks for a delicious, healthy Raya spread:

  1. Rendang:

    Ayam rendang

    Substitute coconut milk with low fat milk or low fat yogurt
    Remove skin and trim off visible fat from chicken/lamb/beef
    Try this Rendang Ayam Yogurt recipe:

  2. Lontong:


    Substitute coconut milk with low fat milk
    Include more vegetables (cabbage, long beans, carrot, etc.)
    Reduce the portion of nasi impit

  3. Sate:


    Use leaner cut of meat
    Remove skin and trim visible fat from chicken/lamb/beef
    Serve with raw cucumber and red onions
    Make your own Satay Ayam Goreng:

  4. Rice-based dishes (eg. nasi dagang, nasi kerabu):

    Nasi Dagang

    Use brown rice instead of white rice
    Add a variety of fresh salad/ulam as sides
    Enjoy a taste of the east coast through this Nasi Dagang dengan Kari Ikan Tongkol dan Acar Jelatah recipe: 

  5. Roti Jala & Chicken Curry

    Roti jala

    Remove skin and trim off visible fat from chicken
    Substitute of coconut milk with low fat yogurt
    Increase fibre by adding vegetables/beans/lentils in the curry This Roti Jala Kelantan is a must-try: 

  6. Dessert:


    Serve fresh fruits in the form of kebab sticks
    Include fresh fruits in agar-agar
    Reduce the amount of sugar in cookies, kuih, or pudding

  7. Sirap bandung:

    Sirap Bandung

    Reduce the amount of sugar, condensed milk, and cordial
    Use fresh fruits to enhance taste and colour (eg. dragon fruit, Roselle, etc.)

Now that you’ve got all the tricks up your sleeve, practising healthy eating isn’t so difficult after all. Remember to practise the #sukusukuseparuh concept, and by separuh, we mean the fruits and veggies!


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