Cholesterol And Heart Disease

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Cholesterol comes from two sources:  

  1. Your body that makes all the cholesterol you need.  
  2. Foods that you consume daily. 

Foods like meat, poultry and full-fat dairy products contain cholesterol. These foods are high in saturated and trans fat that cause your liver to make more cholesterol. Sometimes, the added production gives rise to an unhealthy cholesterol level. 

Having high cholesterol leads to build-up in the artery walls. This build-up of plaque is called atherosclerosis, which can lead to different types of heart disease and heart attacks. 

Atherosclerosis narrows arteries, limiting blood flow throughout the body. It also hardens arteries, making them less likely to expand when more blood is needed to flow through. 

Heart attacks are caused when arteries are blocked, and blood clots are formed around a crack or rupture in the plaque. 

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