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Love hanging out with friends or catching up with family members over a good meal outside, but often caught in the middle when it comes to making the right choice? Here's the ABC rule to guide you:


ADD an extra serving* of vegetables to your meal!

leafy vege Add more leafy vegetables or bean sprouts to noodles soup
ulam Add more ulam to mixed rice
nasi lemak Add more cucumbers or boiled kangkung to nasi lemak

* One serving of vegetables is 1 cup (raw)or 1/2 cup (cooked)


BUY fruits that are easy to consume for after-meal desserts!

banana Banana
apple Apple
orange Orange
pear Pear

If your meal comes with no fruits or vegetables, buy a vegetable soup or rojak buah to complement your meal

vege soup Vegetable soup
rojakRojak Buah


CHANGE food choices to healthier alternatives

fish Meat dish to fish dish
nasi minyakNasi Minyak to brown or white rice
curry Gravy with coconut milk to yogurt/non-coconut milk based gravy e.g: Asam Pedas or Tom Yam
salad French fries to vegetable salad/roasted vegetables
milk Full cream milk to low fat/skimmed milk added in beverage
chicken Internal organs (liver, kidney, etc) to lean meat



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