7 Tips for Hosting Aidilfitri Open House

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It’s the time of the year again – Raya season is back! To help you stay in shape and deal with the glorious myriad of Raya food, here are some tips for hosting an open house:

  1. #sukusukuseparuh:

    meal quarter

    Encourage your guests to practise the #sukusukuseparuh concept. Not sure how a healthy plate looks like? Just use your hand as a practical guide:

    Carbohydrate – ¼ of plate or the size of your fist
    Protein – ¼ of plate or the size of your palm
    Fruits & vegetables – ½ of plate or an open handful

  2. Water:


    Serve plain water to help guests stay hydrated by preparing a water station near the seating area.

  3. Sugar:


    Set sugar cubes or sachets aside if you’re serving coffee or tea, and let your guests decide if they need any. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends sugar intake of <10% total energy intake per day, which is equivalent to 50 g or 10 teaspoons daily for adults.

  4. Vegetables:


    Include a variety of vegetables (in the form of cooked and raw ulam/salad) in the menu. According to the #sukusukuseparuh concept, the fruits and veggies should make up half the plate!

  5. Fruits:


    Substitute canned fruits with fresh fruits as desserts or use them in your fruit punch. You may also add mint leaves or daun pudina for a refreshing sensation to your drinks!

  6. Nuts:


    For snacks, serve roasted nuts or boiled peas instead of preserved snacks (jeruk) and candies. If you’re serving kuih raya, place them at a separate dessert table (preferably the farthest away from the seating area) to indirectly discourage them!

  7. Chicken:


    Opt for healthier cooking methods like grilling or baking. Instead of ayam goreng, serve ayam bakar or daging panggang to your guests.



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