5 Health Benefits of Coffee

30 October 2018Share this story

  1. Coffee Helps Fight Tiredness

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    Did you know caffeine from coffee can improve your endurance1? It increases dopamine production in areas of the brain that helps with focus. An interesting study even found that caffeine made people feel like they did less work at the end of the day2! So if you’re feeling a little tired from work, enjoy a good energy pick up with a cup of coffee.

  2. Coffee Helps You Stay Alert2

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    When you drink coffee, caffeine increases energy metabolism throughout your brain2. This means you’ll be more alert and focused on your tasks. The next time you need to study or take a test, try drinking a cup of coffee beforehand for a little extra mental edge.

  3. Packed with Healthy Antioxidants

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    Coffee beans contain many antioxidant compounds. Drinking moderate amounts (3-5 cups per day) of coffee may help to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease3,4.

  4. Protects You Against Depression

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    Depression is a mood disorder that affects many people. Studies have found that increased coffee consumption may decrease the risk of depression6. So the next time you are ‘blue’ treat yourself to a cup and if possible, some nature and sunshine…which also helps relieve depression!

  5. Increases Fiber Intake

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    Coffee beans are rich in dietary fiber, which partially passes into brewed coffee7. Brewed coffee contains a significantly high amount of soluble dietary fiber as compared to other common beverages. Therefore, if you are not eating enough veggies, drinking a cup or two of coffee may really help to provide some of your dietary fiber needs.

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